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Stylish Verandas for Comfortable Outdoor Spaces

Customisable Canopies & Verandas for Hospitals

Our verandas provide a sophisticated extension to any hospital's outdoor space, merging aesthetics with functionality. These modern verandas are crafted from high-quality materials, offering a versatile and flexible outdoor shelter solution. They create comfortable and sheltered areas perfect for relaxation, social interactions, and dining, enhancing the overall hospital experience for everyone.



Falcon Canopies - Enhance Hospital Spaces with Premium Verandas and Canopies

Welcome to Falcon Canopies, your trusted provider of premium verandas and canopies designed specifically for hospitals. Our modern verandas and canopies blend functionality with style, offering essential weather protection and creating inviting outdoor spaces for patients, visitors, and staff. With professional installation services available, our products ensure a seamless and durable addition to any hospital environment.

Year-Round Weather Protection with Robust Canopies

Experience year-round weather protection with our robust canopies designed for hospital environments. Whether it's shielding patients and visitors from the sun, rain, or wind, our canopies offer reliable protection, ensuring that outdoor areas remain usable and comfortable throughout the year. Our canopies provide an ideal solution for creating sheltered spaces that promote wellness and comfort.

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Nebbiolo Veranda

Versatile Solutions for Various Hospital Needs

Explore our versatile canopy and veranda solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of hospitals. From creating sheltered walkways that connect different buildings to providing shaded eating areas and carpark shelters, our products enhance the functionality and aesthetics of hospital outdoor spaces. These flexible shelters cater to various hospital requirements, making outdoor areas more accessible and enjoyable.

Pigato Veranda

Professional Installation for Seamless Integration

Trust our skilled team for the professional installation of your new canopy or veranda. Our installers ensure each structure is securely and properly fitted, providing peace of mind and a high-quality finish. Professional installation guarantees that your canopy or veranda is not only beautiful but also durable and functional, ready to serve its purpose efficiently.

Best Uses for Hospital Verandas and Canopies

Verandas and canopies offer multiple benefits for hospitals, including creating comfortable outdoor seating areas for patients and visitors, providing shaded walkways between buildings, and offering sheltered spaces for outdoor events or activities. They also serve as car shelter solutions in hospital car parks, ensuring vehicles are protected while enhancing the overall look and functionality of the hospital grounds.

Why choose Falcon Canopies

Experience a comprehensive solution with Falcon Canopies, encompassing customisable canopies, landscaping, nationwide delivery and installation services, and expert groundworks support.

Full Project Management


Groundworks Support: Receive expert assistance with ground preparation for a stable canopy or veranda foundation.

Bosco Veranda


Landscaping Integration: Seamlessly blend verandas and canopies into the hospital landscape with professional landscaping services.

Professional Installation

Professional Installation: Trust our skilled team for professional installation services to ensure a seamless setup process.

Nationwide Delivery

Nationwide Delivery: Enjoy convenient nationwide delivery services to have your canopy or veranda reach you with ease across the UK.

FAQ's: Hospitals

How do verandas and canopies benefit hospital outdoor spaces?

Verandas and canopies benefit hospital outdoor spaces by providing weather protection, creating inviting and comfortable areas for patients, visitors, and staff, enhancing the aesthetics of the hospital grounds, and offering versatile solutions for various needs such as sheltered walkways and shaded eating areas.

Are verandas and canopies suitable for year-round use in hospital environments?

Yes, verandas and canopies are designed for year-round use and provide robust weather protection against sun, rain, and wind. They ensure that hospital outdoor areas remain functional and comfortable regardless of the weather, promoting wellness and convenience throughout the seasons.

Can verandas and canopies be customised to fit specific hospital needs and spaces?

Absolutely, verandas and canopies can be customised to suit specific hospital needs and spaces. We offer flexible design options, custom sizes, and configurations tailored to your requirements, ensuring that the structures complement the hospital's aesthetics and meet its functional needs effectively.

Do verandas and canopies require professional installation for optimal setup?

Yes, professional installation is highly recommended for verandas and canopies to ensure proper setup, secure anchoring, and optimal functionality. Our expert installation services guarantee that the structures are correctly installed, stable, and safe for use, providing peace of mind and a high-quality finish.

What are the advantages of using verandas and canopies in hospital settings?

The advantages of using verandas and canopies in hospital settings include enhancing the comfort and aesthetics of outdoor areas, providing reliable weather protection, creating functional spaces for relaxation and social interaction, increasing property value, and offering versatile solutions for various hospital needs such as car park shelters and shaded walkways.

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